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Friday Link Roundup: DIY Rose Gummy Bears (?!) and Parisian Airport Streetstyle

Friday July 29, 2016

How are all of your weekends shaping up? The preschool Bean is attending this fall is putting on a family meet & greet this weekend. You guys, I can’t believe this is happening. How is she so big all of a sudden? How does she have this little elfin face and where is my baby with the big rosy cheeks?

Also, unrelated, what a week to be raising a girl, huh. Have any of you out there with daughters felt it too? Bean’s been staring at the coverage wide-eyed and asking a thousand questions about why the presidential nominee is a girl like her. She also confessed that she didn’t want to be president, though, she wanted to be a pilot. And I got to tell her she could be whatever she wanted to be, and maybe for the first time since the founding of the US, that could very well be a true statement.




From around the web this week:

Speaking of the DNC, I love any and all coverage that dissects Bill Clinton’s wardrobe with the same focus and alacrity of political wives. The joke never gets old.  (“Hillary Clinton’s husband wore a fetching pantsuit…”)

There’s a fundraiser planned tomorrow for the businesses damaged in the five-alarm Bernal Heights fire a few weeks ago.

Someone put together a map of San Francisco’s old transit routes and it is heartbreaking. There used to be a streetcar stop right on our corner!

Oh, God, have you seen the teaser trailer for the new Gilmore Girls??!!!!!

This skyscraper app is meant for little kids…but I have a feeling my kid would never get a chance to play with it between me and Dave.

So. Rosé Wine Gummy Bears. There’a s recipe for them. (How did I not know gummy bears molds existed?)

Also in divine: can I interest you in Parisian airport streetstyle?


Have a great weekend!

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