It’s Daffodil Season! Time for Some Montessori Flower Arranging Trays

Thursday March 17, 2016

Daffodil season is upon us. I was just at the supermarket the other day and scored three bunches for $5. Sold! Time for some flower arranging trays!

I’ve been discussing with Bean’s Montessori teacher what comes after all the pouring and fine motor exercise activities. It turns out all paths lead to flower arranging.

A flower arranging tray can be as complex or simple as you like. For us, I put a bunch of daffodils on a tray along with a small vase, small pitcher of water, doily, and sponge (for spills). I could have also added a funnel and wire flower arranger.



(vase is old Ikea, these would also work well: pink vase, pink or clear vase, wide clear vase; 

pitcher; similar doily; similar tray)


Bean was instantly excited when she saw the tray. I carefully showed her how to pour water into the vase, then insert the flower stems one at a time. I deliberately and slowly cleaned up any water spills I made. After, I put the doily on the table and vase on top.

She mimicked the process with ease (which makes me think I should maybe think about a way to make this more difficult in the future.) By putting together some flowers, she was fine-tuning her pouring skills, working on hand control, and also a bit of practical life when she cleaned up after herself. After, she proudly put the flowers on her nightstand.




Kylie at How We Montessori just brought up this week how important it is for children to see something to its completion, and the sense of pride it gives them to do an activity with a practical purpose. Often, when we’re cooking, Bean may help me clean and chop vegetables, and maybe even prepare them for roasting, but the cooking part itself is all me. She doesn’t get to do it all by herself. Flower arranging is simple enough that she can pull this tray off the shelf, and without my help, see her project through to the end.




After, finishing her first vase, Bean went on to arrange two more. One swam around a while before she ultimately decided it belonged on her bathroom table next to her toothbrush. The other is on our sideboard in the living room.

A very simple, very fulfilling, happy Montessori tray, that spreads Spring and joy throughout the apartment. It doesn’t get much better.

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