Friday Link Roundup: A Santacon Heads Up and the GGNRA Final Rule on Dogs at SF Beaches

Friday December 9, 2016

Finally, the weekend! Have any fun plans for the weekend? We’re headed to my nephew’s birthday party tomorrow. He’s somehow turning 6? (!?) And can talk your ear off about the intricacies of Star Wars vehicles, weapons, weaknesses, alliances, and something about crystals? Or gemstones? He also has a habit of absent-mindedly humming The Imperial March, which makes us giggle every time coming out of his sweet, cherubic face.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


A major heads up: it’s Santacon tomorrow! Stay indoors! Hide! Or, at least avoid these bars, courtesy of SFist.

The SF Chronicle has done an incredible job of profiling each of the 36 victims of last weekend’s Ghost Ship fire in Oakland.

Did you notice your tap water tasted a little…earthy this week? Well, there’s a reason for it. (I’ve been furiously scrubbing my water bottle.)

Hours after being sworn in, Scott Weiner proposed a new state law to force cities to fast track more housing construction. THANK YOU, SCOTT WEINER! (Also, Mr. Weiner, the new Noe Valley Town Square is a delight!)

If you recall, last spring the Golden Gate National Recreation Area proposed a new rule limiting dog access at local beaches and parks. The final rule is now up!

The Onion nailed a key feature of growing up in suburban Philadelphia. Or, is this true of every suburb?

Pantone picked the color of the year. While it is A) my favorite color, B) I have no desire to see it on a sofa, wall, or lamp shade.

Madewell is having one of those sales that’ll help you justify buying all the things.

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