Friday Link Roundup: Olympics Fever and the Altruism of Humpback Whales

Friday August 5, 2016

What are you all up to this weekend? Our apartment has turned into Olympics Central. Our tradition is to watch the Opening Ceremonies while gorging on local delicacies. (Let me tell you about the time I got stuck in the kitchen making sesame balls JUST as the Beijing Olympic Ceremonies got into full swing and I could hear Dave and guests literally shouting at the TV in awe.)

Today, Bean and I stopped by Mercado Brasil on Valencia to stock up on biscoito de polvilho, Guarana, and Brazilian chocolates. And of course ingredients to make brigadeiro (chocolate truffles) and pao de queijo (cheese puffs). We’ll be eating for days!

Have a great weekend everyone! Go USA!!



If you’re in SF and would also like Brazilian treats this weekend, definitely check out Mercado Brasil. Such variety, and I wanted it all.

Here’s a recipe for brigadeiro, Brazilian chocolate truffles. Actually looks pretty simple! And I love anything rolled in chocolate sprinkles.

A recipe for pao de queijo, puffy cheese bread. Also looks pretty easy. I see these going quickly.



From around the web this week:


Speaking of the Olympics, gymnast Simone Biles is expected to clean house this year, and both the New Yorker and the New York Times have primers explaining just how she’s the greatest gymnast to ever live. As Bean put it when we watched her balance beam routine: “WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH.” Yeah, that’s about right.

In local news, the Lower Stockton Improvement Project (which would make the Stockton Street Winter Walk permanent) is in danger. You can sign the petition to save it here.

Did you see this about Millennium Tower, the newish condo building downtown, is sinking and tilting into the ground? The 6-year old building has already sunk 16 inches, and is leaning northwest. This is mindboggling.

Outside Lands is this weekend, and SFist put together a handy checklist of things to remember and Eater SF is all over the food options and even food events. If you also don’t have tickets, SFist has the livestream info here.

I often complain about Google Maps (BE MORE PERFECT I NEED YOU) but this new change is really awesome and much needed. High streets will now be highlighted in orange. So helpful for people just moving here and tourists alike.

Shifting gears, Alexandra Pelosi’s latest HBO documentary, Meet the Donors, is about big money campaign donors. It’s kind of fascinating to hear them speak about their role in all this. As well as ogle their surroundings.

Did you know scientists the world over have witnessed humpback whales saving other species from orca whale attacks? In one instance, a humpback whale even put a seal on her stomach and floated her to safety. The article is fantastic and will make you love them even more.

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