Friday Link Roundup: Major SF Power Outage

Friday April 21, 2017

How is everyone’s weekend looking? We’ll be headed to a rain delayed annual Easter Egg Hunt put on by friends. But, really, Bean is most excited about being able to wear her Easter dress again. I’m also going to attempt to give Bean a curly girl haircut after I post this. Wish that poor girl luck, Internet.

Have a great weekend everyone!


From around the web this week:

The news of the day is a major power outage in SF following a fire at a Tenderloin substation, affecting most of downtown, the financial district, Nob Hill, Pac Heights, and Soma. Power is slowly being restored though. Be safe out there everyone. And whatever you do, don’t drive into the city!

In sad news, the San Francisco Zoo’s last polar bear passed away. Uulu was 36 years old, and became a worldwide celebrity in geriatric zoo animal care. Her partner, 32 year old Pike, passed away in 2015. (The zoo won’t be replacing her, as she was a holdover from a previous time in which a polar bear at a California zoo was an OK thing.)

In good news for polar bears and humanity in general, San Francisco has managed to cut down our greenhouse gas emissions by 28% below 1990 levels. This is ahead of our goal of a 25% reduction by 2017 and 80% reduction by 2050. (And this was during a period of time when our population increased by 19% and GDP increased by 78%) Nice work everyone!

Heads up that the Dolores Street median-parking pilot program kicks off this weekend and the new rules will be enforced.

I love this — surgeons across the world recreated the April 3rd New Yorker cover. (New York Presbyterian even recreated that awesome eye liner.)

This has had me laughing all week long. Oh, fashion world. You are amazing.

If you haven’t read the Ijeoma Oluo interview with Rached Dolezal yet, I highly recommend it. Deeply intense and very illuminating.

Also intense: this photo series of the arctic. HOLY COW, that is good photography.

I will confess a few too many of these rang true to me.



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