Friday Link Roundup: Emmy Nominees Take On ‘Friday Night Lights’ and ‘Rolling in the Deep’ Gets the Chinese Opera Treatment

Friday September 2, 2016

What are you all up to this long weekend? I believe we’ll be hunkering down with our lingering illnesses and otherwise taking advantage of our quiet city. (Do you all actually notice a population decline during Burning Man?)

From around the web this week:


BART celebrated its 40 year anniversary this week, so Twitter BART (which might be my favorite BART) dove into the archives to bring us photos of 1960s BART. It’s weird that attendants no longer wear go-go boots and mini skirts.

Also BART related, I guess these new shiny entrances are coming to a downtown SF entrance near you. Arrival time estimates from the sidewalk?! (I think these might also be lockable aka poop-proof, meaning we might ALSO have working escalators some day. We are living the dream here in San Francisco!)

In related urban planning news, did you know Burning Man uses urban planners to design the pop-up city of 70,000 people?

Well, now I have to go back and do yesterdays NY Times Crossword puzzle. One of the most important crossword puzzles of all time, that’s quite a statement.

The New York Times also published a one word article today. I laughed.

So, two birders are having a record-breaking Big Year this year, and they still have months to go. It’s riveting. (If you haven’t watched The Big Year staring Owen Wilson, Jack Black, and Steve Martin as competing birders…well, I think I’ve just made your Friday night. You’re welcome. Ignore the incredibly low ratings and “flop” status. It was terrific! And true!)

ALSO making your Friday night: 12 Emmy nominees perform Friday Night Lights’ “clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose speech” and it’s ok to cry at the end. (Sterling K. Brown — the internet’s boyfriend — steals it, which we all knew would be the case going in. Thomas Middleditch went Shakespearean, brave yet also worth it.)

Have you heard about the Chinese opera singer (who has performed The Marriage of Figaro in France) whose version of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep is currently blowing up in China? It’s sung in a traditional Chinese opera style, and you have to hear it.

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