Friday Link Roundup: Drive-By Fleet Week Edition

Friday October 7, 2016

Fleet Week’s airshow kicks off this afternoon, and obviously, we’re headed to the Marina in a few minutes to check it all out. So, this is going to be short.

Are you still at work? Did you not notice the blue skies out there? Do you need us to roll by and pick you up?


From around the web this week:

That Van Ness street and transit improvement project, which was supposed to kick off on October 24th, may be delayed due to a coalition (including Willie Brown and Supervisor Aaron Peskin) fighting the removal of Van Ness’ historic streetlamps. (Did you also ask yourself: which historic streetlamps? I honestly didn’t even notice these crumbly concrete pillars until the article pointed them out, and I walk along Van Ness multiple times/day. Maybe a sign that the streetlamps aren’t being properly honored already.)

Fascinating: 20 things the world doesn’t get about living in the US. (The red solo cup story alone.)

Do you think you could raise a kid in LA without a car? I identified with a lot of this. It’s not a bad way to travel (and obviously better for traffic and the environment).

This New York Times piece on sleep training a 6 year old is correctly titled: Our Sleep Training Nightmare

I continue to love the Hairpin’s Parenting by the Books series. This week, when we mistakenly equate society’s idea of “toddler fun” with what a toddler actually think is fun.

Have you ever thought about how our exploration of space might itself eventually create extraterrestrial life by way of microbes hitchhiking along on interplanetary explorers? It’s someone’s job at Nasa to make sure this doesn’t happen. Mind. Blown.

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