Friday Link Roundup: 88% of Silicon Valley Employees Want to Leave and the Tiny House Revolution

Friday July 8, 2016

Each week gets sadder in 2016. Here are some links, that will hopefully take your mind off things or offer a respite from all the tragic news:

An odd study out of Silicon Valley: 88% of Silicon Valley employees plan on leaving their jobs within a year. That’s a lot of people, right? If not actually true, it at least points to the reality that people no longer want  to or think they can stay here. This isn’t a sign of a healthy region or city.

Streetsblog did a nice explainer on why autonomous cars won’t lead to less traffic.

The New Yorker did a series by writers explaining a thing that captures the American spirit. I loved this, about American-style small talk. It is an oddly complicated ritual!

Also out of The New Yorker: whether you feel lonely or fulfilled might actually change your genome to increase or decrease your risk of disease. Insane.

As a small home lover, I thoroughly enjoyed this take on the tiny house revolution (as seen on TV anyway.) It rings very true. I wait for the day they put a (GASP) apartment on one of those shows.

Here’s an online French clothing retailer with reasonable shipping rates, that’s also having a massive sale right now. (The kids clothes are especially adorable. AH, cute Frenchy little outfits!) You’re welcome.


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