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Our Updated Apartment Hunting Map

Thursday December 3, 2015

A few years ago, as a friend was moving to San Francisco, I put together this map showing locations for transit stops, commercial streets, dog parks, supermarkets, and (the most important!) fog lines. Since then, it’s become one of the most popular posts on this site. A lot of you are moving to San Francisco!

After a few years, it’s time for an update. I had to transfer everything over to Google Maps, from the now defunct GeoCommons. We also have some new supermarkets to include, and I thought y’all might like to see playgrounds now too.

Click here to find the new and improved Ultimate Apartment Hunting Map.

The icons look slightly different, but I think you’ll figure out what is what easily enough. You guys are smart like that.

Now, if you haven’t seen the original post, I highly recommend starting there.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t figured out how to bring over an updated SFPD crime map, but since 2012, the SFPD has put up their own very useful CrimeMap. You should definitely take a look at this before signing any lease or buying any property, especially if you’re new here.

Google Maps has a terrain base layer, which I recommend using if you aren’t familiar with our hills. There’s a reason some neighborhoods are cheaper than others on Craigslist.

As before, you can turn on/off layers that are relevant to you to make the map easier to read. If your family doesn’t include a dog, you can turn off that layer.

As I did in the old map, I have Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s in categories all their own, since people either love to shop there or completely avoid it. They aren’t your typical supermarket. Also, there are many many many supermarkets not included. I’ve only included the huge, one-stop supermarkets that you associate with the suburbs (if that’s what you want). Local markets are plentiful in SF, and you’ll likely find them just walking around the neighborhood.

Please let me know if I’m missing anything, or if there’s information you’d like to see that isn’t on the map. (Museums for instance. Does anyone care where museums are located?)

Happy apartment hunting! (I’ve heard it’s gotten less miserable…)


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