Are You Going to the Women’s March?

Thursday January 5, 2017

A few friends and I have been talking about joining the Women’s March in SF on January 21st. In the neverending drive to feel like we’re Doing Something, it can be hard to know where to start. Especially in San Francisco — I mean, Nancy Pelosi herself represents us and no one in the country is confused about our stance on women’s rights, civil liberties and social justice.

But, I figure in the way that calling representatives is better than emailing, showing up is better than both.

The Women’s March on the 21st is a national rally, from the march on Washington DC across the country to the Bay Area. Locally, you can also attend the Women’s March in Oakland and San Jose. (Those marches also take place during the day, so better if you want to bring kids.) If you want updated info, sign up and register with the Women’s March Bay Area here.

Are you planning on going with your friends? Family?


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