Friday Link Roundup: Here We Go

Friday January 20, 2017

And so it begins.

If you’re feeling similarly anxious and worried today, remember that our country is stronger than one man. Our country is actually stronger than a whole congress full of men. But, in order to show your strength, you have to get your voice heard.




Show up.


Organize everyone you know.

Speak out.


This is a new era for us in San Francisco. Most of us moved to this “far out city on the left side of the world” during a time of political complacency and extraordinary growth. Well, now we get to see the other side of San Francisco, frankly the more inspiring side, and take part it in too.

Get your voice heard.


From around the web today:

If you’re planning on going to the Women’s March in SF tomorrow, remember to register so they get a tally of everyone there. (And here is the registration site for the Oakland march, and the registration site for the San Jose march.)

For those of you elsewhere in the country and world, here’s a map of all the sister marches. We are the majority.

Protests are happening all over the city today. One kicked off bright and early, aimed at Uber and Trump of all partnerships, blocking off traffic on Market Street. People are linking hands across the Golden Gate Bridge in peaceful protest. And, Trump’s property at 555 California is now the scene of two converged protests.

Local ABC News has a list of all planned protests happening today with times, in SF, Oakland, and the Bay Area

Mission Local has a list of planned protests happening this weekend in the Mission.

SFMTA has posted route changes to account for the protest marches this weekend, but it may also be wise to follow them on Twitter (@sfmta_muni) for up to the minute info on routing and schedule changes

BART will also be staffing up and running longer trains to account for the protests this weekend.

In non-local news, our beloved Washington DC is looking scary about now. Stay safe, everyone over there.

And here is your palate cleanser: can you spot the Eastern Screech Owl? Isn’t that incredible? (Actually, Audubon’s entire Instagram is awesome and worth following.)



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