Friday Link Roundup: A Tough Week for the SFPD, a Family of 4 in 195 sq ft, and Another Bra Controversy

Friday April 29, 2016


How are your weekends looking? Dave and I will be celebrating our anniversary tonight. On Sunday, we’re headed to my brother’s house to celebrate Orthodox Easter. Poor, confused Bean has been staring up at my super-discounted Easter loot for a few weeks now. She’s overjoyed that the time has finally come to use it all!

Christos anesti to all my Greeks out there. Have a good weekend to everyone else!


From around the web this week:

Not a great week for the SFPD. A group of people are on hunger striker demanding the resignation of SFPD Police Chief Greg Surh, over the recent killing of a person by the SFPD. It’s gotten pretty serious with nearly nightly rallies and shutting down Valencia Street. Not helping the SFPD’s cause: another batch of homophobic and racist texts between officers was released this week.

Curbed SF got a sneak peak at the new SF MOMA.

SF Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer released his annual Top 100 Restaurants list.

Interesting piece on how some SF school yards and playgrounds came to be open to the public on weekends

Hey East Bay, here’s a map of your new bike share sites! Expect them sometime in 2017.

Wanna see some pretty pictures? The National Audubon Society announced the winners of its annual bird photography contest. (You guys, it is practically impossible to take photos of birds. They’re so…flighty.)

I’m going to need one of these: A home decor coloring book.

STUNNING: How a a family of four lives in 195 sq ft. (I love how you can tell immediately one of the parents is an architect.)

This had us laughing out loud. Except, where can we get one of these “mom” characters that children actually listen to? Does he/she work weekends?

Ok, you guys, Imma need your input. Topic: visible bras through shirts. Like, this is so clearly not how things are done…and yet nearly every European commenter on Cup of Jo said it’s definitely a “do”, and even in professional settings, and only grannies wear beige bras. Mind is blown. (Like that time I realized most women put bras on by clasping them in front first. Who ARE all you people?)

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