How to Talk to Kids About Race — This Saturday at SF Main Library

Thursday March 16, 2017

Race, and race relations, is a topic that can feel inherently complicated and difficult to manage. What is age appropriate? How much historical context can be understood by younger kids? Am I fomenting race distinctions just by bringing it up?

As we’ve mentioned here before, a lot of white parents don’t know how to talk about race with kids (especially younger kids, when it’s the most crucial) and so they don’t. But, studies show kids have already picked up on race by the time they’re 3, and, without parents talking about it, have already come up with their own theories.

Thankfully, the SF Public Library will be hosting Micia Mosely this Saturday from 3-5:30pm to discuss how to talk to kids about race. Ms. Mosely is a teacher, analyst, and advisor to educators and administrators across the country, as well as a stand up comic and performer.  (What a fantastic combination.)

The library is providing childcare as well, which should make things much easier for most of us. While the talk is currently sold out, you can RSVP here and get on the waiting list. Hopefully, if enough of us do so, the library could bring Ms. Mosely back!

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