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On SF Travel: Tips for Seeing San Francisco on Two Wheels

Tuesday April 9, 2013

As some of you may remember, Dave and I changed the course of our lives for the better last year. We bought bicycles.

I used to think urban cycling was for those unconcerned with things like finding yourself under the tires of a two ton Highlander or having limbs severed by the 12-Folsom. Oh, and the hills. San Francisco seemed like the worst place to ride a bicycle.

Then MUNI let us down one to many times and we marched right on home, went on Craigslist, bought the first bicycles we could find, and fell in love THE END.

And it’s not just us! A third of San Franciscans ride a bike at least once a year, with about 75,000 of them commuting to work every day by bike. This number seems even a little low if you’ve ever walked along Valencia Street, Market Street, or The Wiggle during bicycle rush hour (oh, it’s a thing all right) or driven through Marin on the weekends. Bicycles, everywhere.

But where to go by bicycle in San Francisco? Other than the ol’ Blazing Saddles trip over the Golden Gate Bridge? I put together a handy dandy bike rental and trip guide, depending on what kind of cyclist you fancy yourself to be.

Check out: Bicycling San Francisco: What Type of Cyclist Are You?


As always, let me know of any awesome bike trips I missed in the comments.


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