Friday Link Roundup: SF’s Forgotten Cemeteries and an Instagram Autumn

Friday October 28, 2016

How are all of your rainy weekends looking? We’ll be trekking up to Sonoma for fresh fall air, farms and pumpkin patches. And hopefully hot apple cider. But we also need to get on this “I want to be a robot” Halloween costume request. We need to get a box, right? And some kind of head ornament? Should we just hose her down with silver spray paint?

Have a great weekend, everyone! Enjoy all the Halloween festivities!



From around the web this week:

If you’ve seen “Poltergeist”, you know there are a lot of dead bodies buried beneath San Francisco. Well, SFist mapped all the original cemeteries for us. Do you live on top of one? (It’s worth a click over for the photo of a pastoral Dolores Park alone.)

Also bringing the spook, did you know Buena Vista Park is lined with shards of old gravestones? Have you ever noticed them?

A (fairly obvious) map of where people in SF want a subway, according to the city’s Subway Master Plan. (As good a time as any to reprise how BART’s original plan included Marin County with stops all along the Marina…until San Mateo and Marin killed it.)

For the first time, women will now be competing at Mavericks. (YES!!!!)

Haaaaaaa! Why does Instagram bring out the Autumn in all of us? Or is it just Autumn-craving? No one really lives like that, right?

Nail art has officially gone too far. I have so many questions. How would you open a can of soda? How would you do anything?

The New York Times started up a TV recommendation website, based on what genres and sub-genres you want. It’s a) kind of addictive (you’ve been warned) but also b) incredibly accurate.

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2 Responses to “Friday Link Roundup: SF’s Forgotten Cemeteries and an Instagram Autumn”

  1. Oh my god, yes, can you imagine a MUNI line heading out from Embarcadero and Montgomery along the 38 line to the Outer Richmond? Or a circle line around downtown (or, really, just extending the central subway to Fort Mason)? That would be fantabulous.


    10/28/2016 at 1:36 pm

  2. Lord yes to all those things. My (personal) dream would be an underground Van Ness line, starting around Fort Mason and optimally meeting up with 16th St BART — it’s such a pain to travel north-south in the city, in a bus OR car.

    I think the key finding here is that ANYTHING would be appreciated!


    10/28/2016 at 2:25 pm