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Do You Use Honey (the Automatic Coupon Code Finder)?

Wednesday March 29, 2017

[And we’re back! Poor Far Out City was down for a couple days there, then finally a nice technical support person came up with “how about I just rebuild your database for you?” and presto: a functioning site. Thanks, technical support person! Things still seem a bit slow, which we’re still working on, but at least we’re live again.]


A few weeks ago, a friend was surprised to find out I didn’t use Honey. Am I the only one? Is no one else googling “nordstrom coupon codes” like it’s 2003 out there? Why does no one tell me anything.

If you’re similarly not in the know, Honey is a web browser extension that automatically finds coupon codes for whatever shopping site you’re on. (Click here for Chrome. Here for Firefox. And here for Safari.)

Here’s an example from Nordstrom.



And West Elm.




Even better, though? Press a button and it will cycle through all the coupon codes it has for the items you’ve picked out.



I’d just picked out this random pillow to show as an example, and SCORE, Honey saved me $8 in free shipping!




So, yeah, all you need to do is press a button and you might suddenly find you can get 20% off and free shipping just like that. No more searching through coupon code websites and applying random codes and crossing your fingers.

On Amazon, Honey will tell you whether there’s a better price out there, and it will also tell you if the price has changed on the product you’re looking at recently (in which case, you might want to hold out and see if the price goes down again.)

Honey even works on food delivery websites, which is particularly nice because that’s when I’m least interested in searching for codes online (GIVE ME THE FOOD NOW, etc.)

It’s a pretty fun tool to use, especially if you’re also obsessed with getting the best price on everything.


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