Birdwatching and Rock Climbing at Corona Heights Park

Thursday December 11, 2014

I’m not sure if it’s all the rain we’ve had, but if you are into birds at all, I’d highly recommend a quick trip to Corona Heights Park.

The park is almost two short hikes in one. First, there’s the brush and trees just a block off Castro Street (at 15th) where we saw yellow warblers, Western scrub jays, white-spotted sparrows, and multiple varieties of hummingbird. And this was without even actively birdwatching (and with negotiating a toddler up a steep, muddy hill, kind of the opposite of birdwatching, whatever that is). They were just everywhere, walking across our path, entire flocks taking up a hillside, flitting around a patch of flowers.

Once you’re up the hill and above the tree line, things take a turn for the rocky. Large mounds jut out of barren earth, with 360 degree views of San Francisco. It does not feel like you’re in the middle of a city.

(I wouldn’t say this hike is entirely toddler friendly. Maybe more small kid friendly. Bean had a blast, but took a few tumbles and we ended up carrying her in the Ergo more than we do on other hikes. And, yes, we still front-carry her in the Ergo. That’s a topic for another day.)


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