Bernal Heights

Bernal Heights’ Little Bee Bakery

Thursday October 13, 2016

A couple weeks ago on a shopping trip through Bernal, I stumbled upon Little Bee Baking. How had I never noticed it before?

Tucked into a tiny storefront, with a simple display case bursting over with breads, cakes, savory and sweet pastries, Little Bee Bakery is so delightful. It’s exactly what you want a small bakery in Bernal Heights to be. A collection of children’s books and toys sit in baskets in the corner, along with a narrow wooden table with bench by the window. Vintage pendants hang above.

As cute as it is, though, the baked goods themselves are the real show. It’ll be hard to pick out just one thing. We chose to take our haul of coffee and pastries across the street to the Bernal Heights Rec Center Playground, behind the local library. I had a fruit tart with pecan frangipane that was this frothy, crumbly buttery confection that basically dissolved in my mouth. The pecan frangipane was terrifically smooth, creamy, and light as could be. Excellent.

It’s definitely worth a stop next time you’re in Bernal.

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