Behold the State of Jefferson: A Relaunch

Wednesday February 11, 2015

Well, it’s been a couple years so what better time to get back on the horse and finally write about Northern California? No, not Bay-Area Northern California, the actual Northern California. That slice of land as large as Ohio, as populated as Oakland.

Let’s take it from the archives:


A long, long time ago, Dave and I realized my 7-month-pregnant self would be in no shape to fly across the country for Thanksgiving. And so instead we decided to go on an epic road trip through the no-cell-phone-reception, hours-to-the-closest-hospital reaches of Northern California. A brilliant plan. Who knew California had so much in common with west Texas?

For seven days, we travelled through African wildlife preserves, one-strip Victorian villages, and never-ending giant redwood groves.  We visited seaside towns emerging out of coastal bluffs, Ohio-size forests covered in Douglas Firs, and grungy ski towns with white peaks looming.

And the food, oh my dear Lord, the food. Northern California takes local a touch too literal, with Cypress Grove Chevre, the home of Humboldt Fog Cheese, right there in Arcata. Every restaurant, no matter how divey or refined, had Humboldt Fog on the menu. Rivers full of steelhead and salmon, with plenty of smoke shacks ready to serve you all sorts of takes on smoked fish. And the breweries! Just when you get past the wineries of Sonoma, you’re greeted with the breweries of Mendocino and Humboldt County. Speaking of Mendocino, the heirloom fruit stands! And so much freshly baked bread at every pit stop and restaurant that you will be thoroughly spoiled. By the end of our trip, we looked like squirrels hoarding away for the winter.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be posting all about our trip. These links will go live as I publish each post.

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