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All Your San Francisco Bay Area Food, Wine, and Music Festivals — 2012 Spring and Summer Edition

Wednesday March 7, 2012

I’m taking a break from the DC Food Guide to bring you all 100+ food, art, and wine festivals in the Bay Area this Spring and Summer. There are the fruit and vegetable festivals: cherries, olives, apples, strawberries, artichokes, garlic, asparagus, zucchini, raisins, gourds, mushrooms, apricots, peaches, pears, figs, and tomatoes. Then there are the key food groups: chocolate, cheese, Pinot, mustard, butter, eggs, chili, salsa, barbecue, and oysters.

And ethnic and nation groups! Greece, Portugal, Norway, Scotland, Japan, the Himalayas, and Cajun. And so many music and beerfests. It’s going to be a busy summer.

Dates that haven’t been confirmed are in italics. I’ll continue to check their sites for finalized dates.

(Looking for Spring/Summer 2013 Festivals? Check out our 2013 San Francisco Bay Area Festivals page for Spring and Summer 2013.)



San Jose Jazz Winter Fest, March 9-11 2012, San Jose, CA

Mustard, Mud, and Music Festival, March 10-11 2012, Calistoga, CA


SF Saint Patrick’s Day Festival, March 17 2012, San Francisco, CA

Fairfax Brewfest, March 17 2012, Fairfax, CA

Kelseyville Olive Festival, March 18 2012, Kelseyville, CA


Artisan Cheese Festival, March 23-25 2012, Petaluma, CA

CJ Olsen’s Chocolate Fest, March 24 2012, Sunnyvale, CA

Taste of Yountville, March 24 2012, Yountville, CA




Splashomania, April 8 2012, Sunnyvale,CA

Union Street Spring Celebration and Easter Parade, April 8 2012, San Francisco, CA


San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival, April 14-15 2012, Japantown, SF


Alameda Earth Day Festival, April 21 2012, Alameda, CA

California Nut Festival, April 21 2012, Chico, CA

San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival, April 21-22 2012, Japantown, SF

Sebastopol Apple Blossom Festival, April 21-22 2012, Sebastopol, CA


Stockton Asparagus Festival, April 27-29 2012, Stockton, CA

136th Annual Sacramento Valley Scottish Games and Festival, April 28-29 2012, Woodland, CA

Bodega Bay Fisherman’s Festival, April 28-29 2012, Bodega Bay, CA

Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival, April 28-29 2012, Cupertino,CA

Petaluma Butter and Egg Days, April 28 2012, Petaluma, CA

San Francisco International Beerfest, April 28 2012, San Francisco, CA

Glen Park Festival, April 29 2012, Glen Park, SF




Selma Raisin Festival, May 2-6 2012, Selma, CA

Audobon Society’s Heron & Wildflower Festival, May 5 2012, Clearlake, CA

Endangered Species Faire, May 5 2012, Chico, CA

Norway Day, May 5-6 2012, Fort Mason, SF


Alameda Spring Festival, May 12-13 2012, Alameda, CA

Barryessa Art and Wine Festival, May 12 2012, Barryessa, CA

Great Petaluma Chili Cookoff, Salsa, and Beer Tasting, May 12 2012, Petaluma, CA

Roseville Strawberry Festival, May 12-13 2012, Roseville, CA


Rowell Ranch Rodeo, May 16-20 2012, Castro Valley, CA

Oakland Greece Festival, May 18-20 2012, Oakland, CA

10th Annual Gourd Festival, May 19-20 2012, Knights Landing, CA

Asian Heritage Street Celebration, May 19 2012, San Francisco, CA

Campbell Boogie on the Bayou, May 19-20 2012, Campbell, CA

Castroville Artichoke Festival, May 19-20 2012, Castroville, CA

Galt Strawberry Festival, May 19-20 2012, Galt, CA

Himalayan Fair, May 19-20 2012, Berkeley, CA

Oakdale Chocolate Festival, May 19-20 2012, Oakdale, CA

Sonoma Jazz Festival, May 19 2012, Sonoma, CA (unconfirmed)

Uncorked! The San Francisco Wine Festival,May 19 2012, Ghirardelli Square, SF

Hakone Matsuri Festival, May 20 2012, Saratoga, CA


Vacaville Fiesta Days, May 21-28 2012,Vacaville, CA

Sacramento County Fair, May 24-28 2012, Sacramento, CA

California Festival of Beers, May 25-27 2012, Avila Beach, CA

Sacramento Jazz Festival, May 25-28 2012, Sacramento, CA

CJ Olsen Cherry Festival, May 26-27 2012, Sunnyvale, CA

Carnaval Festival, May 26-28 2012, The Mission, SF

Morgan Hill Mushroom Mardi Gras, May 26-27 2012, Morgan Hill, CA

Larkspur Flower and Food Festival, May 27 2012, Larkspur, CA

San Ramon Art and Wind Festival, May 27-28 2012, San Ramon, CA




Patterson Apricot Fiesta and Balloon Meet, June 1-3 2012, Patterson, CA

Berkeley World Music Festival, June 2 2012, Berkeley, CA

San Jose Greek Festival, June 1-3 2012, San Jose, CA

Story Road Tamale Festival, June 2 2012, San Jose, CA (unconfirmed)

Union Street Eco Urban Festival, June 2 2012, Union Street,  SF

Sunnyvale Art & Wine Festival, June 2-3 2012, Sunnyvale, CA

Walnut Creek Art & Wine Festival, June 2-3 2012, Walnut Creek, CA


Fairfax Festival, June 9-13 2012, Fairfax, Marin County, CA

Portugal Day, June 9-10 2012, San Jose, CA

35th Annual Haight-Ashbury Street Fair, June 10 2012, SF


Isleton Cajun Festival, June 15-17 2012, Isleton, CA

Danville Fine Arts Faire, June 16 2012, Danville, CA

Marin Art Festival, June 16-17 2012, San Rafael, CA

Norcal Pirate Festival, June 16-17 2012,Vallejo, CA

North Beach Festival, June 16-17 2012, North Beach, SF

Pinot Days, June 16 2012, San Francisco, CA


Movement Play Microfestival, June 22-25 2012, Willits, CA

Stanford Jazz Festival, June 22-August 4 2012, Stanford, CA

Bonny Doon Art and Wine Festival, June 23 2012, Bonny Doon, CA

SF Gay Pride, June 23-24 2012, San Francisco, CA

Ghirardelli Square KidsBash, June 30 2012, Ghirardelli Square, CA

SF Oyster Festival, June 30 2012, San Francisco, CA




worldOne Festival, July 3-5 2012,El Cerrito, CA


Fillmore Jazz Festival, July 7-8 2012, Fillmore Street, SF


San Jose Obon Odori, July 14-15 2012, Japantown, San Jose, CA


Midsummer Mozart Festival, July 19-22 2012, Different locations daily: San Jose, Berkeley, Sonoma, San Francisco, CA

Marysville Peach Festival, July 20-21 2012, Marysville, CA


Gilroy Garlic Festival, July 27-29 2012, Gilroy, CA

Berkeley Kite Festival, July 28-29 2012, Berkeley, CA

Alameda 28th Annual Park Street Art & Wine Faire, July 28-29 2012, Alameda, CA

Courtland Pear Fair, July 29 2012, Courtland, CA

SF Chefs, July 30-August 5 2012, San Francisco, CA




Noisette, An Afternoon of Food and Music, August 4 2012, Speakeasy Brewery, SF

Aloha Festival, August 4-5 2012, San Mateo, CA

Fremont Festival of the Arts, August 4-5 2012, Fremont, CA

Fresno Fig Fest, August 4-5 2012, Fresno, CA (unconfirmed)

Nihonmachi Street Fair, August 4-5 2012, Japantown, SF

Watsonville Strawberry Festival, August 4-5 2012, Monterey Bay, Watsonville, CA


Outside Lands Music and Art Festival, August 10-12 2012, Golden Gate Park, SF

San Jose Jazz Summer Fest, August 10-12 2012, San Jose, CA

Burlingham Artzfest, August 11-12 2012, Burlingham, CA

Festa Coloniale Italiana — North Beach Street Festival, August 11 2012, North Beach, SF

Fremont Cajun/Zydeco Festival, August 11 2012, Ardenwood Historic Farms, Fremont, CA

Gravenstein Apple Fair, August 11-12 2012, Sebastopol, CA

Woodland Tomato Festival, August 11 2012, Woodland, CA

San Rafael Food & Wine Festival, August 11 2012, San Rafael, CA


Cotati Accordian Festival, August 18-19 2012, Cotati, CA

Fairfield Tomato Festival, August 18-19 2012, Fairfield, CA

Hayward Zucchini Festival, August 18-19 2012, Hayward, CA

Oakland Art and Soul Festival, August 18 2012, Oakland, CA

Russian River Beer Revival and BBQ Cookoff, August 18 2012, Guerneville, CA

San Francisco Street Food Festival, August 18 2012, The Mission, SF


Noe Valley Wine Walk, August 23 2012, Noe Valley, SF

Bodega Seafood, Art, and Wine Festival, August 25-26 2012, Bodega, CA

Oakland Chinatown StreetFest, August 25-26 2012, Oakland, CA (unconfirmed)

Palo Alto Festival of the Arts, August 25-26 2012, Palo Alto, CA

Taste of Petaluma, August 26 2012, Petaluma, CA

(Looking for Spring/Summer 2013 Festivals? Check out our 2013 San Francisco Bay Area Festivals page for Spring and Summer 2013.)

7 Responses to “All Your San Francisco Bay Area Food, Wine, and Music Festivals — 2012 Spring and Summer Edition”

  1. Thank you for listing Alameda’s Park Street Spring Festival in May. I thought you would like to know that we have another street festival during the weekend of July 28 & 29… the Park Street Art & Wine Faire. It will be our 28th year and is twice as big as the May event!


    4/12/2012 at 12:09 pm

  2. Thank you for the heads up! I’ll add the Park Street Art & Wine Faire to the list!


    4/12/2012 at 4:25 pm

  3. […] All your San Francisco Bay Area Food, Wine, and Music Festivals — 2012 […]


    4/24/2012 at 5:07 pm

  4. This is a most comprehensive list. BEST I’ve found so far. I am grateful. THANK YOU*


    5/16/2012 at 10:15 am

  5. didn’t see this one:

    June 10, 2012, for the
    35th Haight-Ashbury Street Fair!


    5/21/2012 at 10:34 am

  6. Thanks for the heads up! I’ve added it to the list!


    5/21/2012 at 12:29 pm

  7. I’m a local vendor from Alameda and was hoping I could participate in my own city’s festival mainly the Park Street Art & Wine festival. Unfortunately, the Eckerstrom Productions who are in charge of the festival did not approve my application. The owner said I didnt make the cut, eventhough I’m a local vendor, because they prioritize repeated vendors and the booth pictures I submitted were not good enough for them. The Eckerstrom owner was very rude to me on the phone, criticizing me why I cant take no for an answer when I all I wanted was to know the reasons why my application didnt get approved. It’s so unfortunate that such organization doesnt want to support a minority woman like me who has a small business & trying to do something meaningful and productive.


    5/21/2012 at 11:33 am