Friday Link Roundup: Alamo Square Reopens and Where to Eat in Sonoma

Friday May 26, 2017

Well, summer must surely be right around the corner because our long weekend is all East Bay barbecues. The East Bay: where San Francisco friends escape to own “houses” and “backyards” and “grills.” Like full-fledged adults.

What are your plans for the weekend? I hope it’s sunny and joyous where you are.


From around the web this week:

Alamo Square is open again after a year of construction! Go get your Full House photos in now!

Speaking of parks, you may want to avoid Dolores Park on Memorial Day due to an unofficial (tech) intern event that will likely attract thousands (!) to the park alone.

What do you think about a BART extension to the Richmond? Do we dare to dream? Supervisor Sandra Fewer is on it.

This will likely interest some of you: the Best, Inexpensive Wine Country Restaurants.

This was a great, reflective read on the internal debate of deciding to raise a kid in San Francisco.

Oh my God: someone designed Gilmore Girls lego sets.

These were all great tips: how to take better photos inside museums.

The NY Times is the latest to wonder what happened to J. Crew. (Fewer sequins, more hearty wool please.)

And if you’re in the shopping mood, Nordstrom is having a massive 40% off sale this weekend. After all, the post partum wardrobe really doesn’t buy itself.

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