Friday Link Roundup: the 9 Best SF Urban Hikes and NYC College Students, Then and Now

Friday May 19, 2017

Oh, man, this summer weather couldn’t be better timed. We’ll be spending the weekend at Ocean Beach, me preferably belly up and reading under a beach tent. Do you have any fun weekend plans? Remember that it’s Bay to Breakers on Sunday; getting through the city might be a mess.

Have a great, sunny weekend everyone!



From around the web this week:

Have you checked out the GOP attack ad out of Georgia featuring San Francisco. It’s wonderful and hysterical. (ALL the long haired hippies hang out at Fisherman’s Wharf. You learn that in SF 101.) Related: SFMTA has already sent them a cease and desist letter for using cable cars in the ad.

This may be relevant to your weekend: SFist rounds up the 9 best SF urban hikes.

I really want to see this: the Conservatory of Flowers building will turn into a psychedelic light show to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love.

Valencia got the guerrilla bicycle safety treatment this week, with advocates themselves standing as a human barrier to protect cyclists in the bike lane.

You know the autonomous sidewalk delivery robots? Yeah, they may be going away thanks to Supervisor Norman Yee.

CalTrain is letting us all vote on the exterior design of their new electric trains. (#4 is obviously the only real choice here.)

I really want to know what makes the Ritz-Carlton blueberry muffins so special.

This was a lot of fun: New York college students photographed as freshman and again as graduating seniors.

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