Friday Link Roundup

Friday November 13, 2015



Bean hit the “why?” stage of life this week, resulting in some highly unusual conversations around here. I’ve found myself explaining why it is more cost-effective to build rail on flat land, rather than hills, and farming cycles. Yesterday, when she asked why it was cold in winter, I broke out her National Geographic Picture Atlas of Our Universe (which I’ve obviously been hoarding for years for just this moment) book to show her the sun, the Earth, the universe, and planetary positions and orbits therein.

Have you ever introduced the solar system to a child? It’s huge and amazing and also sounds absolutely fake. She sized me up with a 2 year old face full of “you want me to believe what now?” “Ok, so this is the sun. We see the sun right? Out the window? See how all the planets go around the sun in a circle? Ok, now, this little planet over here is Earth. That’s where we live. See all the blue oceans? Those are our oceans. We live on a planet called Earth.”

I mean, come on. Ancient Greek mythology sounds more plausible than that.

We finally hit the Mars rovers today, followed by a video of Astronaut Suni Williams giving a tour of the International Space Station (HIGHLY recommend it!). Bean is now all in. “I put MY robot on Mars TOOOO. FROM ROBOT CLASS. And Mommy and Daddy come with me TOO!”

I’m looking forward to 3.


From around the web this week:

The Super Bowl planning committee wants San Francisco to take down all the Muni overheard wires along Market Street for the big event. Ur, but then how will we get around?

A cool time-lapse video of the massive cement pour for Salesforce tower (set to be the tallest building in SF.)

Jesse Eisenberg was on Michael Krasny’s Forum this week, and a) he somehow speaks even faster in real life and b) he’s even more eloquent and thoughtful than the characters he portrays.

A bare and honest essay on the symptoms of postpartum anxiety. Highly recommended if you know anyone who’s currently postpartum. (Doctors and loved ones focus a lot of their attention on postpartum depression, sometimes missing the signs of postpartum anxiety.)

If you haven’t been watching The Great British Baking Show, you should be. And then you can also snuggle in with this piece on what makes it such great reality tv: “Watching Bake-Off is the same kind of cathartic, ultimately comforting experience as reading a cozy mystery novel with a cup of hot chocolate.”

Speaking of food, you really should make this butternut squash, roasted apple, and carmelized onion pizza. It’s actually vegan, and it’s also everything you’ve been craving in one bite.

Madewell is having a 20% off sale on clearance items this weekend. Tons of pretty sweaters and cool denim. Go outfit yourself for winter!


Have a great weekend!



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