Friday Link Round Up: SF Restaurant Openings/Closings and Satirizing Pottery Barn

Friday April 3, 2015

I hope you all had a lovely week. This turned out to be a fairly low key week for us, lots of neighborhood walks, playing soccer at a field down the street, and spending time at home.

So, clearly this means that I’m itching to go on adventures this weekend. Or at least renovate the bathroom. Whichever.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Some weekend reading for you:


In sad news, The Orbit Room is closing! This was one of my favorite places in the city; it often felt like it was hidden in plain sight.

But, I’m pretty excited about Aster, the new restaurant from Brett Cooper, the chef at Outerlands, and Daniel Patterson of Coi.

Switching gears, for any of you out there who also peruse home catalogs like magazines, you really should be reading Catalog Living. Have you ever wondered exactly why Elaine and Gary needed entire vases full of limes? Or a library full of books with the covers ripped off? Then this is your site.

Speaking of books, I wholeheartedly appreciate Apartment Therapy’s round up of living rooms full of books. A) It’s not clutter, it’s art and education. B) I can’t be the only person who’s always dreamed of a home library complete with sliding ladder…

For my fellow transit nerds out there, go take this quiz and see how many cities you can identify purely by their transit maps. And then report back. I got a 9 out of 10. I blame my imperfect score on Houston. HOUSTON.

A friend and I laughed over this Honda HR-V April Fool’s ad. And then realized we were probably only a few years out from it becoming reality. Sighs.

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