Friday August 28, 2015

Friday Link Roundup: SF Crime is Way Up and Pasta Shape 101



How are you all celebrating the last weekend of August? Dave and I will be mattress shopping (fun!) and will probably go to the beach at least once. Because we’ve spent practically every weekend at the beach this summer. We’ve got a baby surfer on our hands.

From around the web this week:


In SF news, if you’ve had an inkling that there seem to be more break-ins recently, you would be correct. Also way up: murder and arson.

Mayor Lee made an odd promise during Super Bowl Week: SF’s homeless “are going to have to leave.”

This parody of finding an apartment in SF would be funnier if it weren’t so true. Y’all, I have lived that situation, all while staring down water-damaged walls and mold creeping down kitchen cabinets across a floor.

Helpful charts: all 188 pasta shapes categorized and explained (via @cwofford). I’m going to need the poster for my kitchen.

Amalah at Alphamom offers some brilliant toddler-bed transition advice. Namely, “she’s going to take advantage of her new-found wandering freedom and there’s no need to go apeshit bedtime dictator about it.” Oh, Amy, I wish you’d written this a year ago.

Julia’s epiphany should ring true for all introverts.


Have a great weekend everyone!

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