Friday February 5, 2016

Have a Fun Weekend: Oakland Rentals and an Adorable Mini Kid’s Room



We are planning on hunkering down and riding out the Super Bowl storm this weekend. We’ve got a full pantry, friends over for breakfast tomorrow, snacks already purchased for Super Bowl on Sunday. It’s the SF equivalent of last month’s blizzardopaclypse. Have any of you gone downtown to see any of the festivities?


From around the web this week:

SF news continues to be all Super Bowl, all the time. San Franciscans pulled together to vandalize the Alamo Square ’50’ so frequently that the NFL actually gave up and carted it away. Success? (The “oops” gets me every time. So juvenile, and yet..) The city is also taking part in its favorite spectator sport: documenting Super Bowl beer trucks getting stuck on our hills.

Curbed did a “What $3,000 gets you in Oakland.” You guys, should we all be moving to Oakland?

SFist got some SF Rec intel on Dolores Park’s new pissoir.

In other urban news, this headline says it all: “The Dutch Police are Training Eagles to Take Down Drones.” Should we tell the FAA about this new regulatory enforcement option?

Two great pieces out of Apartment Therapy this week. First up, this 85 sq ft little girl’s room in Montreal. I LOVE IT.

Also, Emily Henderson shows three ways to style a mantel. Helpful! I pick option 2.

This Confessions of a Food Allergy Mom was timely and dead on, and I don’t even know the half of it. I almost started tearing up over pound cake last week. POUND CAKE.


Have a great weekend, everyone!

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