Wednesday July 29, 2015

Family Fun: First Sundays with Ybike at Picnic at the Presidio



So, not only is Off the Grid’s Picnic at the Presidio every Sunday the most fun you might have all summer…but did you know the YMCA is there every first Sunday (as in, this upcoming Sunday) to teach kids and adults how to ride bikes? And also give out free bike helmets?

Yes and yes!

Every first Sunday, Ybike sets up shop on the southeastern corner of Picnic at the Presidio, taking over a chunk of flat, smooth parking lot. Helpers are there to fit bicycle helmets and bicycles to each person who walks up. Ybike has dozens of bikes available, in all sizes, and the helpers will adjust the seat for you so it’s just the right fit. Then, they send you on your way down the smooth incline.




This is absolutely perfect for kids, and even adults that never learned how to ride a bike. Ybike also has a few toddler balance bikes available, so this was a great chance to see if Bean had any interest in bicycles, without actually having to purchase one.

And the best part? You get to keep the helmet!! Free kids’ helmets!!

As we walked back to our car, Bean was over the moon about her new bike helmet, after a morning of soccer and sweet potato tater tots. It was basically the best day that ever was.  Thank you, Ybike!




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